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How to Make a Wood Bar Top Cheap

Building a bar adds a lot to your home, but it does not have to drain your bank account. Sure, a big bar is great and impressive, but a small bar that is easy to build and costs under $50 is a do it yourselfer’s dream on a budget. This cheap wood bar top only costs about $40 and it takes  one day to build it.

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1. Select a 1/2-inch glued panel board of aspen, maple or oak. Panel boards come in sizes ranging up to 10 feet long, and a variety of widths. Select one that suits your needs. A 16-inch by 48 inch size is perfect for a small, wall mounted bar.

2. Set the panel on a table with the top side (the side you want to be noticeable on the bar top) facing down. Cut two 1-by-6 or similar sized pine boards to the length of the bar top, in this case 48 inches. Use wider boards if you selected a wider bar top.

3. Arrange the boards on the panel. There can be a small gap between the boards since this is the underneath side of the wood bar top.

4. Remove the boards after you see they fit properly. Apply glue to the panel and the boards, and press the boards onto the panel.

Clamp them in place and let the glue dry. It will set up and be ready to handle in about an hour.

5. Cut 1/4-inch-by-2-inch wide strips of poplar or aspen to fit along the edges of the bar top.

6. Spread glue over one of the wood strips and press it over the edges of the wood bar top and hold for at least 30 seconds. Then set the board on edge to compress the strip against the bar top. Or, clamp it in place if you have a large enough clamp. Repeat this process for the remaining strips.

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