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Install a New Shower in Drywall

If you want to install a new shower in new drywall, you do so without advanced plumbing skills. If you have already installed drywall over the shower area, you need to remove it first. If you have not installed drywall, install the shower valve first, then complete the project. Here’s how to install a new shower in a new home.
1. Fit the new shower valve to the existing plumbing pipes. It fits between the hot and cold vertical shower pipes. A vertical pipe runs to the shower head and another one runs down to the tub pipe. Cut the pipes to the appropriate size with a pipe saw, use an emory cloth to rub off the rough burrs, coat them in plumber’s solder flux, and dry fit them all together.
2. Once the piping is laid out, disassemble and reassemble using solder and a blow torch. Heat the pipes with the blow torch, touch the solder to the pipe seams and them let the solder cool. Now you have installed the plumbing for your shower inside of the wall.
3. Measure and cut the drywall with a rotary saw to allow the shower fixtures to stick through the drywall. Usually, a four inch wide hole is suitable for the shower valve and a one inch hole for the shower and tub pipes. The top of the shower valve must lay flush with the top of the drywall. You can adjust the shower valve so it lays flat with your drywall as necessary. Each shower valve is slightly different, so check you installation instructions for the best result.
4. Fit the drywall onto the bare wall framing and screw it into place with drywall screws and a power screwdriver. This is how to mount a new shower in drywall.

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NOTE: Install drywall over the protruding handle pipes on the new shower valve, if it is not already installed. Cut holes in the drywall with a drywall saw to allow the handle pipes to stick through the drywall, then mount and screw the drywall to the framing with drywall screws and a screwdriver. Tile around the pipes or install a fiberglass shower wall over the pipes to finish the wall.

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