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Bar height is standardized, believe it or not, at 42 inches, and the standard bar stool height is 30 inches. This is the measurement from the floor to the top of the bar, or bar stool.

Of course, you can set a bar at any height your like, but conforming to the standard bar height is a good idea for several reasons.

Bar Height

Standard bar heightThe standard bar height of 42 inches is designed to provide a suitable place to set down and enjoy a big plate of nachos or buffalo wings and a beer while standing. The average person finds this height just right for this activity.

Standard and recommended bar Height = 42 inches.

Bar Stool Height

Standard bar stool heightMost bar stools, at 30 inches, are designed to fit a 42 inch bar top. So, it’s best to stick with this measurement when installing your bar. The average bar stool provides a person with ample room to enjoy their food while seated at the bar, and plenty of space below the bar for their legs.

Standard and recommended bar stool height = 30 inches.

Raising or Lowering the Bar

If you have to raise the bar a few inches due to studding or other obstacles, this is perfectly all right. Taller bar stools measure between 31 and 32 inches tall, so they will seat someone just fine at a 43 or 44 inch bar. Lowering the bar is also acceptable. Shorter bar stools measure as low as 28 inches tall, but might be harder to find.

Lowering the bar further is not advisable because going lower just means you’re turning it into a counter top. A counter is typically 36 inches tall.

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