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Install Bath Tub and Tub Surround

Bath tub and shower

Installing a bathroom tub shower is a big project to take on, and it will require some heavy lifting and the use of power tools. If you have little experience building or repairing things, you may want to hire a professional, or at least get help with this project. You’ll find this installation takes several […]

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Installing a Symmons Temptrol Shower Faucet Valve

Symmons Temptrol shower faucet valve

Installing the Symmons Temptrol shower faucet valve requires a few basic plumbing skills and the right tools. If you have installed faucets before, you’ll find this process requires similar steps. If not, brush up on your faucet knowledge before you attempt this process, and pay attention to a few common pitfalls.

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Learn to Fix a Rotary Ball Shower Faucet

Bath tub faucet

A rotary ball shower faucet uses a valve with a ball as the main water flow control mechanism, instead of a cartridge with ceramic disks. An older type of faucet, it is still possible to fix with replacement parts available through a plumbing supply store or your hardware store. Repairing this type of faucet is […]

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Moen Shower Types

Shower faucet

Moen offers many shower options, including single-handle faucets, handheld showers and even Roman tubs. Some faucets also offer additional options and features that make the appliances stand out from the rest. Before you buy. consider which ones will make your showering experience a better one.

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How to Remove a Shower Head

Shower head

If you want to change your shower head, first you have to remove the shower head already in place. This is not a complicated project, and it only takes about ten minutes. All it requires is a wrench and some special plumber’s tape, commonly called Teflon(r) tape.

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How to Fix Clogged Grohe Shower Head

Grohe Shower Head

A clogged Grohe shower head requires a certain type of cleaning in order to restore the water flow to proper levels. Fortunately, this cleaning is very simple and requires few special tools. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the head using a few simple steps. However, if your faucet continues to clog, you can take additional steps […]

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Installing or Replacing Moen Tub Spouts

Bathtub and Shower

Moen tub spouts install on the end of your tub pipe, which comes out of the shower wall. Moen tub spouts slide onto this pipe and secure with an Allen screw, similar to the way your faucet handle is attached to the cartridge. Replacing the spout upgrades your bathroom and it is a good way […]

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Installing Screw-on Tub Spouts

Shower faucet

Installing or replacing a screw-on tub spout is not difficult at all. The spout just screws onto the end of a threaded pipe, so removing it requires a simple turn or two of the tub spout. If you want to install a threaded tub spout onto a pipe that is not threaded, you’ll have to […]

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How to Fix the Kohler Shower Valve

Kohler Shower Head

A Kohler shower valve helps regulate and alter the temperature of your water, by mixing hot and cold water together, as the handle turns one way or the other. Kohler shower valves are not the same as other major faucet brands, they include a few different parts and a different process for removal. But if […]

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How to Drill Faucet Holes in Stone Counter Tops

Kohler Vinnata Kitchen Faucet

Stone counter tops are very hard and difficult to cut without the right tools. In order to drill faucet holes into a stone counter top like granite, or even cultured marble, you need a power drill and a diamond tipped drill bit that looks like a coring bit or hole saw. But don’t be fooled, […]

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