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How to Build Bifold Doors – Step by Step Guide

Wood working

Bifold doors are an ideal solution when you have limited space in front of a closet. Bifold doors fold up when they open, so they will not bang into furniture like full-swinging, traditional doors. If you don’t have bifold doors, why not build them yourself? It’s a good skill to learn, because some bifold doors […]

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How to Install Double Closet Rods

Clothes in Closet

Double closet rods offer versatility and save on space. These two closet rods hang one above the other, and that allows more clothes to hang in a smaller space. This type of setup is ideal for new and remodeled closets. The project takes several hours and requires the use of some advanced tools; but if […]

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Why You Need to Use Paint and Primer

Wall painting

Maybe you’ve been to the paint store and heard a salesman say, “You have to use the right primer, or the paint won’t adhere to the surface properly.” and wondered how that was possible. Well, they aren’t just trying to earn a commission, you have to use both paint and primer for specific reasons.

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Building Adjustable Shelves and Shelving

Working with wood

Laminate shelves area great addition to any home because they add some extra space and storage. However, if your shelves are not adjustable, you lose some potential storage space. The ability to move one shelf up or down gives you the option of storing larger items, or to custom set your shelf height to your […]

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