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How to Remove a Flag Pole in Your Backyard

American Flag

A backyard flag pole is installed in a sleeve which is buried in the ground and secured with concrete. It is then sealed and the area surrounding it is filled in with sand and dirt. The design is meant to keep the flag pole erect even in high winds. Removing the pole often requires a […]

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How to Dig a Fence Post Hole


If you want to build a fence in your backyard, you have to first dig a fence post hole for each post you plan to install. Usually, fence panels are between 6 and ten feet wide, and you have to dig a fence post hole to accommodate the width of the panel. But there’s a […]

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Build a DIY Backyard Fence

Backyard Fence

A DIY backyard fence project, however if you plan for it properly, it’s not that hard to finish. You’ll end up with a pretty backyard fence you built yourself. A good fence gives your family privacy and keeps pesky animals out of your yard. So, not only will it improve your lifestyle, it will decrease […]

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Cleaning a Stained Deck and Removing Deck Stains

Child sitting on a wooden porch

A stained deck is similar to any other treated surface in terms of how you clean off mud stains and other dirt stains. When mud cakes onto a deck, it is often impossible to get off without the use of high powered equipment. If you have mud stains on your deck, arm yourself with the […]

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How to Install Interlocking Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is becoming a really nice alternative to hardwood floors for many reasons. First of all, due to the advanced printing techniques used to simulate wood grain today, laminate looks just as good as real wood, and due to its hardness, it resists scratches. Laminate requires very little maintenance, is cheaper than wood and […]

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