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Unclogging a Sink Drain

Sink drain P-trap

Unclogging a sink drain is one of the most important and common skills to learn because clogged sink drains cause many problems including water damage and even sink damage. A clogged sink holds lots of water and this weight will bare down on the hardware mounting the sink. So, don’t hesitate with a clogged up […]

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Replacing a Bathroom Sink P-trap

Chrome P-Trap

Replacing a bathroom sink p-trap is a fairly simple process involving just a few very basic skills and some tools you probably already own. If your sink clogs often, or smells funny, replacing the p-trap may just solve the problem. It is an inexpensive way to fix a frequently clogging or smelly sink drain.

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How to Install a Shower Base

Water down the drain

Installing a shower base requires a few special skills, but it is not out of the reach for the average DIY enthusiast, especially if you enjoy building from the ground up.

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Replace a Moen Tub Spout

Moen bath spout

Your Moen tub spout is the fixture on the end of the tub pipe that extends out of your shower wall. This pipe delivers the water for your bath, but it is not very pretty. The spout is actually just a fitting that hides the ugly copper pipe and gives your bath a brand new, […]

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