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Installing a Bath Tub Drain & Overflow Tube

Bath tub drain

Installing a bath tub drain requires a few steps, and some preparation. If you have no experience plumbing a bath tub, it helps to learn the basics first. The tub has a complicated drain that includes an overflow tube and a straight drain pipe that connects to your tub drain basket. The tub drain basket […]

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Installing a Symmons Temptrol Shower Faucet Valve

Symmons Temptrol shower faucet valve

Installing the Symmons Temptrol shower faucet valve requires a few basic plumbing skills and the right tools. If you have installed faucets before, you’ll find this process requires similar steps. If not, brush up on your faucet knowledge before you attempt this process, and pay attention to a few common pitfalls.

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Moen Shower Types

Shower faucet

Moen offers many shower options, including single-handle faucets, handheld showers and even Roman tubs. Some faucets also offer additional options and features that make the appliances stand out from the rest. Before you buy. consider which ones will make your showering experience a better one.

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How to Remove a Shower Head

Shower head

If you want to change your shower head, first you have to remove the shower head already in place. This is not a complicated project, and it only takes about ten minutes. All it requires is a wrench and some special plumber’s tape, commonly called Teflon(r) tape.

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How to Install a Shower Base

Water down the drain

Installing a shower base requires a few special skills, but it is not out of the reach for the average DIY enthusiast, especially if you enjoy building from the ground up.

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