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Install Fiberglass Shower Panels on a Wall

Shower Panels

Fiberglass shower wall panels are used in conjunction with a shower pan to create a standing shower. The fiberglass shower panels are waterproof and therefore protect the drywall and wall frame from the rot, which occurs due to excess water exposure. These shower panels install with little difficulty and if you have carpentry skills, you […]

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Build a Wood Box Beam

Wood ceiling

If you want a classic look in your home, of just need to hide an exposed beam, or steel ceiling beam, build a wood box beam. A wood box beam covers up cross beams and other ceiling supports. You can add any surface style to it as well, depending on what type of look you […]

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How to Flush Pipes

Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Flushing pipes is an excellent way to rid your home plumbing of built up silt, dirt and debris. It is something older homes require. If you are moving into a new home or experiencing problems with your existing home’s plumbing, there might an obstruction or corrosion in your water pipes, but it is not common. […]

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Cleaning Tile Properly

Red and White Tiled Floor

Tile is a very durable surface area for a kitchen, bathroom or living room. However, it will collect dirt and mold. Cleaning tile to remove this dirt is often a challenge because some cleaners harm tile or scratch the surface. Use these tips to help clean tile and return it to its former, bright shiny […]

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How to Drill Faucet Holes in Kitchen Counter Tops

Kitchen sink repair

To install a faucet in your kitchen counter top, you need to drill faucet holes for the plumbing outlets. These holes are also called tap holes because they allow the supply lines to connect to the tap. Each double handle faucet has either two or three faucet shafts, each requiring a hole in the counter […]

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How to Fix or Replace Bifold Door Hinges

Door hinge

Bifold doors use hinges that bend back and forth much like a regular door hinge. If you experience problems with the door hinges, your best bet is to replace them outright, don’t mess around with bending or modifying the hinge itself. A new set of bifold door hinges costs less than $10 (with shipping), and […]

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How to Fix a Leaking Kohler Kitchen Faucet Valve

Kitchen Sink and Faucet

When damage occurs to a Kohler faucet valve, a leak usually follows, because water is able to flow through the damaged area. If you see water leaking from the top of a Kohler kitchen faucet, or any other part of the faucet, it is due to a worn out or broken cartridge, which is the […]

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Counter Top Heights and Dimensions


Counter tops have a standard size but the measurements relate only to the width and height, not the length. All counter tops have similar width and height measurements for appliance installation, namely your stove and dishwasher. Having a standard makes building a seamless kitchen much easier for installers. Counter Top Heights The standard height of […]

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Kitchen Faucet Tap Hole Sizes For Centerset and Widespread

Kitchen sink double bowl

Your kitchen faucet requires tap holes to be drilled into the counter top or sink for the water connections that come from under the sink. These faucet tap holes are standard sized, and drilled into your counter top or kitchen sink with a drill bit and then enlarged to fit the standard faucet shaft. If […]

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New Faucet Installation Tips

Kohler Vinnata Kitchen Faucet

Installing a new faucet is slightly different than replacing an old faucet. First of all you need to plumb the faucet and flush your lines. Take these tips to heart when installing a new kitchen or bathroom faucet for the first time in a new home.

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