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How to Replace Wall Molding

Crown Molding

Replacing wall molding is an inexpensive way to improve your home. Removing damaged or old molding and replacing it with brand new molding brings many rooms from ugly to grand in just a few days. If your home needs a makeover, think about replacing molding first. Sometimes it’s all you need to do to brighten […]

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How to Remove Wall Molding

Wall Molding

Wall molding adds a nice touch to your home by creating a contrast between the walls and floor. Usually, the wall molding is straight, and therefore creates a nice, even line for the eye to follow. However, molding can often be a victim of mold and water damage due to its proximity to the floor. […]

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Installing Wood Studs on a Wall

Nail in Wood

If you are trying to install wood studs with the wide edge facing flat against a wall, there is a special name for it. The studs are called “furring strips” since they are not load-bearing. Either 2-by-2-inch, 2-by-3-inch or even 2-by-4-inch stud boards can be used for this project. This technique is used to support […]

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Install or Mount Foam Sheets

Foam Insulation

Foam sheets add another layer of insulation to your home and today are among the top choices for home building professionals due to their efficiency. They are also easy to install and mount. The rigid foam sheets contain two layers of paper backing and an inner core of foam. This composition blocks cold air drafts […]

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How to Build a Wall Frame With Screws

Nail in Wood

Wall framing is typically completed with nails as opposed to screws. The reason is most contractors use a high powered air gun to drive nails into the frame boards and secure the wall frames together. This is faster and more convenient. It involves fewer steps as well. Screws are one option for wall framing, and […]

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How to Build Wall Shelves

Wall shelf

It’s not difficult to learn how to build wall shelves even if you have no experience building shelving at all. Wall shelves consist of two simple parts, the support bracket, which is usually a 90-degree angle brace, and the shelving board, which is just a simple wood or laminate. You also need to know how […]

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Taping and Finishing Hardie Board Shower Wall Installation

Hardie Backer Board

Once you install Hardie Backer Board on a wall, you have to finish it by filling the joints with mortar. This step seals hardi backer board and creates a solid, seamless surface on which you can now install tile. Check out how to finish a hardi backerboard installation for shower and tub walls right now. 

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How to Install Hardie Backer Board

Hardi Backer board installed

Installing Hardie Backer Board requires different tools and a different approach than installing regular or mold resistant drywall. If you want a real waterproof shower alcove or tub enclosure, use nothing but the best–hardie board and install it right with the proper tools.

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Hardie Backer Board Installation Tips

Cutting Hardie Backer board

Hardie backer board is used instead of drywall in showers and tub enclosures to prevent water damage, rot, and mold growth. It is a highly durable, water resistant material made of a mixture of cement-like material and silica. If you plan on installing HardiBacker Board, there’s a few things to know, because it is not […]

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How to Patch a Hole in Drywall

Drywall patching

Have a hole in your drywall? No worries, patching a hole in drywall is fairly simple, as long as you follow a few easy steps. Not all holes in drywall are the same, larger holes require a slightly different process than smaller holes. Here’s a 7-step process on how you can easily and quickly patch […]

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