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A stained deck is similar to any other treated surface in terms of how you clean off mud stains and other dirt stains. When mud cakes onto a deck, it is often impossible to get off without the use of high powered equipment. If you have mud stains on your deck, arm yourself with the best deck cleaning equipment.

Equipment for Cleaning a Stained Deck

The best way to clean mud stains off a stained deck is to use a power washer. This high powered tool sprays water in a jet that acts like a powerful dirt and mud removal wand. The spray action powers away the mud stain and lifts out the residue remaining on your stained wood. Without the use of this tool, you may scrub forever without getting all the mud particles off your deck or porch.

Cleaners and Detergents

Another addition to your deck cleaning arsenal is a good cleaner or detergent. A cleaner helps soften up the mud stain allowing even faster removal of those tough and lingering stains. Most cleaners are safe to use on a deck except bleach because it removes pigment. If you deck is stained and sealed, check with the manufacturer of the sealer as to which cleaners are safest for your deck. Not all cleaners will work on stains, some may be a more effective option.

Choosing a Cleaner for an Old Stained Deck

Older decks have stain that is beginning to wear away, so cleaners might penetrate the stain and affect your wood. Take precautions to avoid this if possible. For instance, if you cannot find a cleaner your manufacturer recommends, or you don’t know which stain is on your deck, just take the safe route. Instead of using a powerful cleaner, start with something very mild like dish washing soap or car washing detergent. Both are designed to be mild so they will not harm skin or your car’s clear coat and wax.

Cleaning a Stained Deck

Before you clean the mud stains take all the furniture off the deck and sweep away all the loose dirt with a broom. This makes the pressure washing and stain removal more effective. You can also try to hand scrub the mud or scrape the majority of the mud with a scraper. A flat, plastic scraper takes most of the mud right off the deck surface.

Finally, work your pressure sprayer in steady strokes along the deck planks, scrubbing with soap and a bristle brush as necessary. Use the pressure washer to remove all the lingering soap and mud, working in small sections until you complete the entire deck.