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Counter tops have a standard size but the measurements relate only to the width and height, not the length. All counter tops have similar width and height measurements for appliance installation, namely your stove and dishwasher. Having a standard makes building a seamless kitchen much easier for installers.

Counter Top Heights

The standard height of a counter top in the bathroom is 36 inches tall and 25.5 inches wide. At this height, it is very easy for someone to work at the counter while standing without having to reach too far down or up to access the counter. This is the main factor in determining the height of counter tops. Since the kitchen counter is used mainly for cooking activities, the height has to suit this need and it must fit the average adult’s height. Adjusting the height to your own needs will require extensive modifications for several reasons.

Counter Top Height Breakdowns

A counter top’s overall height is a result of the height of two parts: the cabinets and the counter thickness. Cabinets are usually 34.5 inches and counter tops 1.5 inches. Together they form a 36 inch high counter. If you want a lower counter height, you must lower or reduce the height of the cabinets. For a higher counter, you may extend the height of the cabinets by setting them on boards or spacers. Each requires additional work, so rarely is the height of the counter changed, except when various counters install on certain types of cabinets. The length of the counter is varied only by your kitchen measurements.

Cabinets and Counter Sizing

Overall, your counter will always be 36 inches high unless you install a thicker counter top or have taller cabinets. Many granite counter top slabs are only an inch wide, and if you install one of these granite counter top slabs onto a cabinet that is only 34 inches high, the total overall height is only 35 inches. Matching different types of counters with various cabinets will produce a total height of between 34.5 and 36 inches in most cases.The counter is as long as your kitchen, in most cases, so this measurement always varies.

Counter Heights and Appliances

The reason your counter is standardized at 36 inches is to create a seamless transition onto your appliances installed in the cabinet space. Most notably, this includes the stove and dishwasher. Stoves are built to a height of 36 inches so they are level with the surrounding cabinets. If your counter top is higher, consider installing a range top, or grill instead of an oven. This appliance does not have its own base, it mounts onto the counter top, so it does not matter what the height is.