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Your faucet has two supply lines or supply tubes that bring water to the faucet. To remove the faucet, you have to disconnect the faucet supply lines using a wrench and some elbow grease. This is the most important step in removing a faucet, learn how it is done.

  1. Start by finding the water pipes that supply your faucet. There are two inside the sink cabinets right below the faucet, one for hot and one for the cold water line.
  2. Shut off the valves on these water pipes by rotating the valve to the right until it stops and will no longer turn at all. Do this for both water pipes.
  3. Next, find the connector on the end of the water pipe, it is a metal connector or  a plastic connector. Unscrew it with a wrench or a pair of pliers by turning it to the left. Repeat this on the other water pipe with the other water supply line.
  4. Finally, find the connectors at the base of the faucet for the supply lines. Unscrew these with a wrench as well and remove the supply tubing from the faucet.

It helps to have a bucket handy to drain the supply lines after disconnecting them, since they will be filled with some water.

After you disconnect faucet supply lines you can remove the faucet from the sink top. There will be no more water flowing into your faucet. All you need to do is unscrew the mounting nuts holding the faucet to the sink.