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With increasing population, people are bound to live in confined spaces. They have to undergo many adjustments including compromising with the storage places. Here is one of the ways where you can compile all your important amenities in an organized way managing with your small bathroom needs without being bothered for the space.

Bathroom solutions with varied blocks of different dimensions:

Everyone wants to use a highly furbished bathroom equipped with all important and trivial items. In that case, arranging baskets, dustbins and trays is a wonderful option. Especially if you have kids, you need them most, as they keep howling from the bathroom, when they don’t get their stuff on place. Everybody is in rush at the peak hours of morning and some DIY storage tips can offer you commendable solutions at significant hours of the day.

Cabinets of standard height

The standard height of floor based bathroom cabinet should be around 4 feet. On the top of it, you can place inexpensive cutlery tray to place your entire make up items, combs, tubes and other rarely used items. Although, a fairly reasonable height is good for everyone to access the items including your kids, but, if you have some medicines or ointments which should be kept away from the reach of children, they should be kept on wall mounted cabinets.

Wall hanging cabinets or Floor hanging cabinets

Wall mounted cabinets are bliss, if you have some naughty kids at your home, as they can assist you in keeping your expensive stuffs out of their reach. They will not be able to create havoc by disturbing the bathroom. However, floor cabinets serve a wonderful purpose for your obedient kids as you do not have to come and offer various stuff when they are getting late for their school. They can make everything on their own.

Six shelves bathroom cabinet

Different shelves should have different spatial arrangements as they cater varied items based on their volumes and needs. You can have a separate block for fresh soaps, detergents, bathroom cleaners, shampoos and other such vital ingredients. Deodorants, body lotions and towels should be placed in the topmost section while dusters, bathroom cleaners and extra hygiene bits and pieces should be placed in the downward section.

Cabinets with proper columns, depths and spacing

You can keep tissues on the top of the cabinet as they are needed on frequent basis. In the morning when you feel very drowsy and do not want to sit patiently to look for your brush, tongue-cleaner and toothpaste, a standing holder on the top is a good option. It should be easily visible and accessible. Fresh towels for all your members should have one separate compartment with a wider and deeper section. You can keep dusters in the smaller blocks.

Vertical steel rod with an extended rim

On the top of your cabinet, your cabinet can have a separate standing elongated vertical steel rod. It should be situated at the corner adjacent to the wall for hanging fresh clothes. It will restrain your fresh ironed clothes from being wet.

Hence, plan well and go for an elegant multi-utility cabinet for your bathroom which can make you’re cleaning experience a richer one.