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Kohler Pivot shower doors install on your shower walls using a bottom track and two jambs that mount to the walls. These doors swing out, opening to allow access and entrance to your shower area.

You can configure the shower door to open anyway you like, but it is best to position it so it pivots away from the shower controls, opening out into the bathroom. The installation for this product takes between two and four hours, depending on your skill level.

Step 1

Choose which way the door will swing and check around the shower to ensure nothing obstructs the door. If something does, choose the other option or move the obstruction. Measure the distance across the bottom of the shower opening from wall-to-wall with a tape measure. Deduct 1/16 of an inch from the measurement and cut the bottom track to this length with a metal saw.

Step 2

Set the bottom track about 2.5 inches from the inside edge of the shower curb, and apply tape over the top to hold it in place. Cut the VHF tape, or foam tape, to fit across the track and place this on top of the track.

Step 3

Set the L-bracket for the hinge side of the door against the side of the wall where the hinge will go. Level this with a level. Mark the mounting holes with a marker. Drill out the holes with a masonry bit for tile or a regular drill bit for fiberglass walls. It helps to chip the marked areas with a center punch before starting the drill hole.

Step 4

Replace the bracket and mount with the provided screws and a screwdriver. Install the other wall brackets for the strike of the door on the opposite wall in the same way. Attach the gasket and outside plate to the strike panel of glass and secure this to the jamb bracket with the provided hardware and a screwdriver.

Step 5

Assemble the glass wall for the hinge side of the door by installing the bushing and screw in the hole in the corner of the door, sliding the gasket onto the corner and then installing the hinge over the gasket. Assemble the outside plate and gasket by installing the bushing and gasket in the outside plate and attaching it to the wall jamb.

Step 6

Screw the hinge bracket to the back plate on the bottom of the door, using the bushing, screw and weld nut and a screwdriver. Connect the bracket to the hinge. Open and close the door to ensure it properly contacts the strike jamb. Adjust the bracket to slide the glass door forward as necessary.