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The kitchen faucet usually does not have a temperature adjust knob. However, you can set the temperature using the supply lines.

While not a pro’s solution, this creative home repair and adjustment finds a way to get the job done. If you have about 10 minutes and access to your water pipes under the sink, it is a simple project.

Adjusting water temperature on kitchen faucet: 4 step guide

1. Open the sink cabinet doors under the faucet and locate the hot- and cold-water pipes. These two pipes run vertically towards the faucet.

2. Turn the pipe on the left hand side slightly in a clockwise direction. This is the hot-water pipe. By closing the valve partially, less hot water will flow into the faucet.

3. Turn on the water with your Adler faucet’s handle, pushing it all the way to the left. This fully turns on the hot water. Place a thermometer under the water to gauge the water temperature. Hold it there for about a minute to take a proper reading.

4. Turn the hot-water pipe’s valve clockwise to lower the flow of hot water. This in effect reduces the water’s temperature. Turn it counterclockwise to increase the flow. This in effect, again, increases the maximum temperature.

Adjust the two valves as needed to achieve the appropriate temperature for your kitchen faucet. Be careful not to turn the knobs too far to the right, this closes off too much water and reduces your water flow.