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Building a wood bar top or counter top requires just some basic woodworking skills, and surprisingly enough can be done with minimal expense. In fact, building your counter top can save you hundreds of dollars if you want a new look for a kitchen or a new home bar.

This project requires some special tools to make a perfect wood bar top or counter top, however many are optional. You can substitute in glued panel boards if you do not want to glue your own boards together for instance.

Building a wood counter: Step by Step DIY Guide

If you ever wanted to build your own kitchen bar or counter, follow our simple 8-step guide below and you’ll make it perfect!

Step 1

Decide on a bar top or counter you like. Purchase the appropriate board for your new counters. Maple, oak or another hardwood like aspen make ideal choices. If you are not going to mill your own boards, choose a glued panel in oak, aspen or maple.

Step 2

Mill the boards so each side is perfectly flat. Run each board over a planing machine for a precision edge.

Step 3

Set each board on a flat surface like a table top and arrange the boards so the grains are mixed for a pleasing pattern.

Step 4

Apply wood glue or wood epoxy to the edges of all the boards only after you are ready to glue the counter top or bar top.

Step 5

Press the boards careful to keep the boards perfectly flat on top. Use a level to check to ensure all boards are flat.

Step 6

Squeeze the boards together by closing the clamp carefully.

Step 7

Let the glue dry overnight. Remove the clamp the following afternoon.

Step 8

Sand the new wood bar top with 120 and then 220 grit sand paper and a power sander. Sand along the edge to create a smooth corner, or router the edge with a round bit after sanding is complete.

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