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Bifold doors are an ideal solution when you have limited space in front of a closet. Bifold doors fold up when they open, so they will not bang into furniture like full-swinging, traditional doors.

If you don’t have bifold doors, why not build them yourself? It’s a good skill to learn, because some bifold doors come unassembled. If you learn how to build your own bifold doors, you can easily turn any set of doors into bifold ones.

One way to make bifold doors is to hinge together two small door panels. This takes some skill but it gives you the exact type, style and size door you desire. This project takes about an hour to complete.

How to build bifold doors: 6-step guide

1. Place the two door panels end to end lengthwise with the center edges (the edge to be hinged together) lined up side by side.

2. Clamp the doors together with a hand clamp. Make a mark 7 inches from the top edge and 11 inches from the bottom edge of the doors with a pencil.

3. Align the bottom of the first hinge to one of these marks. Mount one of the hinge plates to one edge of the door by screwing the hinges in place with 1 inch mounting screws and a power screwdriver. Mount the other hinge plate to the other door in the same way.

4. Align the second hinge to the other mark. Place the hinge plates on the edges of the door and mount the hinge plates with mounting screws, one plate on each door panel.

5. Mount the track and hinge pin hardware to the doors. Place the track rollers on the top edge of the door panels, one near the jamb side edge, and the other near the center edge of the door. The distance from the edge depends on your bifold door track, check the documentation for exact measurements.

6. Mount the hardware in place with the provided screws and screwdriver. Place the hinge pins on the bottom of the doors, one per panel on the jamb side corner of the door. Mount this hinge pin with the provided screws and a screwdriver.