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To install a faucet in a new counter top you need to drill tap holes through the counter. The tap holes mount the faucet in the counter, with each supply line sitting inside one of the holes.

The standard centerset faucet requires three tap holes, two for the faucet bases, and one for the center spout and drain plug rod. Learn more about tap hole sizes!

How to Drill Tap Holes in a Counter Top – 5 step guide

Get your countertop ready with our easy 5-step DIY guide!

Step 1

Place masking tape on the counter top behind the sink, covering the entire area here. This prevents your drill but from sliding across the surface of the counter.

Step 2

Mark the location for the holes on the tape. Center set faucet holes are 4 inches apart on center (4 inches from the center of each hole) Position the center of the faucet between the sink and the rear of the counter, half way between it is fine. Allow at least an inch between the front of the faucet base and the edge of the sink bowl.

Take into account the back splash and the flange of the sink under the counter for undermount sinks. Use the faucet template to position your holes if you have one. Just place it behind the sink on the counter top and mark through the template with a marker.

Step 3

Line up the faucet base with the holes to make sure the holes are in the right position. Also make sure the faucet base will not contact anything under the counter.

Step 4

Drill a pilot hole at each mark with a drill bit that is sized to match your hole saw’s pilot or guide bit.

Step 5

Insert the hole saw’s guide bit into the holes and drill out the holes. Remove the cores by spinning your hole saw and pulling the drill up and out of the counter.

Here’s a good tip: use a masonry bit and diamond tipped hole saw on stone counter tops, and a carbide tipped bit and hole saw on metal sinks and counters.