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Bifold doors use hinges that bend back and forth much like a regular door hinge. If you experience problems with the door hinges, your best bet is to replace them outright, don’t mess around with bending or modifying the hinge itself.

A new set of bifold door hinges costs less than $10 (with shipping), and you can find just about any type of bifold door hinge online or at your local hardware store.

Replacing a bifold door hinge only takes about ten minutes and requires just a screwdriver. The most challenging part of this project is removing the bifold door.

Step 1

Remove the bifold door by opening it slightly and grasping the side. Lift up to pop the door off the bottom track, pull the door out towards you and then gently bring the top down and out of the track.

Step 2

Fold the door in half so the panels are together. Set the bifold closet door on a flat work area or table.

Step 3

Note the position of the hinge on the door for installation purposes later. Unscrew the screws holding the hinge to the door with a power screwdriver. Remove the hinge. Find a matching bifold door hinge online or at your hardware store. Be aware that there are different types of bifold door hinges, try to match your replacement as close as possible.

Step 4

Set a new bifold door hinge on the door so the mounting holes line up with the existing mounting holes.

Step 5

Insert and tighten the screws to secure the hinge to the door.

Bifold door hinges repair
Bifold door hinges have different mounting hole patterns and sizes. Match them to your door.

TIP: Make sure you match the new hinge to the old hinge for the easiest installation. If you want, you can install different hinge types on the door, just make sure the width of the hinge plate does not exceed the width of the bifold door.