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Double closet rods offer versatility and save on space. These two closet rods hang one above the other, and that allows more clothes to hang in a smaller space. This type of setup is ideal for new and remodeled closets.

The project takes several hours and requires the use of some advanced tools; but if you know how to plan and execute basic home remodeling projects, it will only take you about two hours to complete this closet DIY project.

Installing double closet rods in just 6 steps

We have broken down the process of installing double closet rods to just 6 simple steps anyone can do!

Step 1:

Remove existing rods by unscrewing brackets and taking the closet rods out of the closet.

Step 2:

Measure the location of both rods and mark with a pencil. For optimal room, install one closet rod at 80 inches and the other at 40 inches from the floor.

Step 3:

Set brackets on the marks, pre-drill the mounting holes with a 1/16 inch bit. Remove brackets and drill out the holes with a 1/4 inch bit. Tap drywall anchors into the holes, or screw wall augers into the holes with a screwdriver.

Step 4:

Replace and mount the brackets by driving screws through the mounting holes and into the anchors.

Step 5:

Measure and cut the rods to fit in the brackets. Leave about 1/8 of an inch for leeway in each rod. This makes it simpler to fit the rod into place.

Step 6:

Hang the double closet rods in your closet.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy this simple project, and we’re sure you’ll feel better about building it yourself.