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Wall molding adds a nice touch to your home by creating a contrast between the walls and floor. Usually, the wall molding is straight, and therefore creates a nice, even line for the eye to follow. However, molding can often be a victim of mold and water damage due to its proximity to the floor. When it becomes damaged or moldy, it becomes an eyesore.

Removing the entire molding and replacing it with brand new molding is the only way to fix it. It’s an easy job anyone with some experience using tools can do.

Step 1:  Cut caulking

First, cut through the caulking on top of the molding with a straight razor. Run the blade right along the top of the molding to do this. You must break the seal between the wall and the molding, otherwise, when you remove the molding the caulk will pull off paint and even part of the drywall.

Step 2: Use a pry bar

Insert a pry bar on top of the molding between molding and wall. Hammer lightly on the pry bar until it slips between the wall and the molding.

Step 3: Slide thin pieces of wood

Slide a thin pieces of wood behind the pry bar to cushion it against the wall. Pry the molding off the wall by hand until the board comes free. Move the pry bar down the molding and pry every one to two feet until the entire molding piece pops off.

Step 4: Pull the molding off

Pull the entire molding piece off the wall. Remove any remaining brad nails with a nail puller or pliers.

Step 5: Continue to remove all moulding

Continue to perform steps 1 to 4 until all molding is removed from the walls.

Note: molding is also known as coving in UK and Australia.

Hopefully our tips help you remove molding from your walls effectively and quickly!