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If you want to update a bathroom, tile a bathroom. You can find inexpensive tile that is anywhere from $1 to $3 a foot. Some tile outlets even sell lots of tile that is less than that. Since most bathrooms are small, your entire budget for the project can be as low as $250, including mortar, grout and tools. First, you need to learn how to tile a bathroom the right way.

Step 1: Remove molding or old flooring

Remove any molding or old flooring. If you have linoleum, scrape it up with a floor scraper and pull. Many times the entire sheet comes right up from the floor. If you have tiles, break them or scrape them up with a heavy duty floor scraper. Remove the toilet by shutting off the water and unscrewing the toilet screws. The proper way to tile a bathroom is to tile right up to the flange, not to the toilet itself.

Step 2: Arrange the tiles

Arrange the tiles on the floor. Make sure you use the spacers you plan to use when you finally install the tile in the bathroom. Set your first tile in one corner (usually the most visible corner, or which ever corner you feel will result in fewer cuts) and lay tiles next to it until you cover the entire floor. When you get to the other side, note the number of cuts the arrangement requires. Rearrange the tiles if you see a way to make fewer cuts.

Step 3: Mark additional cuts

Mark any additional cuts you need to make on your tiles with a marker. For instance, around cabinets, partitions, and the toilet flange. Use a tape measure or lay a piece of cardboard down on the floor, marking where it intersects the flange with the marker. Use this as a template for your cut.

Step 4. Cut the tiles

Cut the tiles on a tile saw following your marks. You can also score and crack many tiles with a tile scorer. However, a tile saw will give you the best results.

Step 5: Lay out tiles

Lay out the tiles as you cut them to ensure they fit properly.

Step 6: Remove tiles from floor

Pick up tiles and stack them in order outside the bathroom.

Step 7: Spread mortar

Spread thinset mortar on the bathroom floor in a 3 to 4 square foot sections. Press the tiles into the mortar. Lay a 2-by-4 board on the tile and tap it lightly with a rubber mallet to set the bathroom tile in the mortar. Continue until all tiles are set.

Step 8: Let mortar dry

Let mortar dry for 24 hours. Mix grout and spread over the tiles with a float tool.

Step 9: Remove excess grout

Scrape up excess grout with the float tool. Wipe away excess with a moist sponge. Let grout dry until you can no longer make an indentation in it with your thumb.

Step 10: Seal the tiles

Seal the tile with a tile and grout sealer. Apply sealer with a sponge and let dry for 24 hours.

That’s how you properly tile a bathroom. It is a relatively inexpensive way to update your bathroom and home. A bathroom tiling project usually takes 1 to 3 days, depending on the size and shape of your bathroom.