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Installing a bathroom tub shower is a big project to take on, and it will require some heavy lifting and the use of power tools. If you have little experience building or repairing things, you may want to hire a professional, or at least get help with this project.

You’ll find this installation takes several days to complete. The tub and the surround walls mount right to your wall framing studs, using hardware provided with the tub surround.

Tools you will need:

  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Hole saw
  • Shower and tub adhesive
  • Silicone tub caulking

Rip out the existing walls in the area where the tub will install, with a hammer and crowbar, and remove the existing tub or shower if applicable. It is important to remove all drywall until you have just the wall framing studs remaining. Clear out all the debris from your demolition.

Install a new gasket on the tub drain in your floor. Set the tub into place and level it with a carpenter’s level. If not level, slide shims underneath the tub to bring it up to a level mark. Mount the tub to the wall framing by screwing screws through the tub’s flange and into the studs. At this point, you also want to install the bath tub drain.

Install the tub wall panels starting with the back wall. Rest the bottom of the panel on the top of the tub. Install the side panels next. Connect the side panels to the tabs on the back wall and fit them on the wall. Measure and mark the location of the shower fixtures on the side panel. Remove the panels. Cut holes in the side panel for the shower fixtures with a hole saw.

Run a bead of adhesive on the backside of the back wall panel where it contacts the studs. Place the panel back into position on the wall and press it up against the studs. Mount the side panels in exactly the same way, interlocking the tabs as you did before. Seal the seams between the panels and tub with silicone tub caulking. Let the surround walls dry and bond as recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.

Measure and cut drywall to fit alongside and above the tub surround walls. Mount the drywall to the framing with drywall screws and a screwdriver.