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Fiberglass shower wall panels are used in conjunction with a shower pan to create a standing shower. The fiberglass shower panels are waterproof and therefore protect the drywall and wall frame from the rot, which occurs due to excess water exposure.

These shower panels install with little difficulty and if you have carpentry skills, you will find them extremely easy to work with. All you need are basic tools and a few hours of time.

Step 1: Install the shower door track

Install the shower door track on the base of the shower threshold according to the instructions listed by your manufacturer. Place a drywall ruler at one end of the track, where the track and wall intersect and trace a line up the ruler with a pencil. This is the mark at which the shower panel will install.

Step 2: Measure

Measure the location of the faucet handles on the shower wall using a tape measure. Transfer these measurements to the shower panel using the marker and measurements. Cut a hole into the panel for the handle using a hole saw. This hole allows the shower controls to extend through the panel once it is mounted on the wall.

Step 3: Make it fit

Fiberglass shower walls.
Installing fiberglass shower walls requires a level and power drill.

Place the fiberglass shower panel into the shower and fit it over the faucet handle controls. Press it to the wall to make sure the panel fits precisely. Remove the panel and apply a bead of fiberglass adhesive to the back of the panel to secure it to the wall.

Step 4: Put the shower panel back

Put the shower panel back into the shower and over the faucet handles. Press it firmly against the wall, then pull it back from the wall. Now, press the panel back against the wall and hold it firmly until the bead adheres the wall. This should take just a few seconds. Removing the panel from the wall allows the adhesive to become tacky and helps the panel stick to wall.

Step 5: Fit the second panel

Fit the second fiberglass shower panel to the wall and then remove it and apply a bead of adhesive around the wall panel. Place the panel back on the wall, pull it back again and peel off the backing from the corner piece. Place the panel back on the wall and press on it firmly.

Step 6: Apply silicone caulking

Apply a bead of silicone caulking to the edge of the shower panel and the walls to prevent moisture from seeping under the panels.

Required Tools:

Stuff you’ll need to install fiberglass shower panels on a wall…

  • Shower wall panels
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Hole saw
  • Adhesive glue