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Installing a bath tub drain requires a few steps, and some preparation. If you have no experience plumbing a bath tub, it helps to learn the basics first. The tub has a complicated drain that includes an overflow tube and a straight drain pipe that connects to your tub drain basket.

The tub drain basket is the part of the drain inside the tub’s drain hole. Connect the overflow tube and straight drain before installing the tub for the best results.¬†

Step 1

Install the bath tub drain pipes and tub overflow tube. If the old drain pipes are broken or need replacing, remove them by cutting them out with a hack saw. Install a new t-fitting at the drain outlet.

Run another straight length of pipe to the tub drain from the opposite outlet of the t-fitting (you may need to install the tub and mark on the floor where the drain hole it, or measure to find out where the tub drain hole will end up to do this properly).

Adhere the elbow joint and pipes with PVC cement. Use a bath tub drain elbow joint on the end of the pipe where it will connect with the tub’s drain.

Step 2

Next install the vertical drain pipe leading to the overflow outlet on the tub, on the other outlet of the t-fitting. Coat the bottom outlet end of the top elbow joint of the overflow tube in PVC cement, mount it to the vertical overflow tube in the wall. Once the tub is installed, you will push the top of the overflow tube into the overflow outlet on the tub.

Step 3

Install bath tub and level it inside the alcove. Line up the drain hole with the drain pipe. Coat the drain basket with silicone caulking, insert it into the drain hole of the tub, and turn the drain clockwise with a drain wrench until tight. Grip the drain wrench with large pliers if necessary to assist in turning it.

Step 4

Fasten the overflow tube cover plate to the overflow tube by tightening the screws with a screwdriver. Install the drain cover on the drain by tightening the drain cover’s screws.

After you mount the bath tub to the walls, your bath tub drain installation is nearly finished. Learn how to install a tub surround and bath tub here.

Install a bath tub drain to properly route water to your home’s main line. If you have plumbing code questions, please consult a professional.