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The height of your kitchen counter top is standardized and it is so for a reason. The typical kitchen counter top height is 36 inches.

Kitchen counter tops usually clock in at 36 inches from the floor, this accounts for the thickness of the counter top itself. Normally, the cabinets are built to around 34 inches in height, give or take a half inch, to allow for a total counter top thickness of 2 inches.

If you plan on seating people at an overhanging kitchen counter top, plan on buying stools that are counter top height. The average counter stool is between 24 and 26 inches tall. This is the height of the stool seat, not the overall height of the stool.

This height gives people the right position at the counter to eat and drink in a comfortable position. Making a higher counter top will only make finding the right stools difficult. If you want to raise the counter top height, raise it to 42 inches, the height of a bar top, so you can find the right stools.