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Working in a shattered kitchen is very difficult and anyone can lose interest very easily. Ladies spends one third of their life time there to serve their family. Hence it’s very important that they stay happy and don’t lose charisma while cooking gourmet foodie items. This is high time when they require DIY tips and follow some inspirational guidelines to reinvent their dream kitchen.

Managing storage creatively

Kitchen requires plenty of ingredients and hence shelves and drawers. Try as much possible free storage space to arrange all the big as well as small items in an organized way. Look for all possible clauses where you can create shelves.

You can create deep and broad shelves under the countertops. You can also build space to hang your wire racks just above the sink. It’s a better option in incorporate triangular shelves to completely utilize the corners. Use glass case cabinets to keep your crockery items. Blend both contemporary and traditional styles and make it more personalized offering an innovative look. Try various era and patterns and employ countless ways to innovate your kitchen based on your needs, wants and budget.

Involvement of light shades

Lighter colors reflect more luminosity and hence an illusion of more space. Try to inculcate white and grey colour shades to welcome extra space offering a bigger and sleeker look. You can have cabinet doors and kitchen tables made up of glass. Have more of stainless steel appliances, open cabinets and crystal clear materials too.

Eco- Friendly Kitchen

Always employ environmental practice and prefer highly efficient energy saver appliances. You can also have bamboo or various sustainable harvest items. Stone countertops or granite are also a good option. Cupboards or a shelf made up of recycled materials gives a cool look.

Incorporate Restaurant Ideas

Think for the options which restaurants incorporate with them.

  1.  If you think that coffee is in demand most of the time, then redesign a coffee bar and arrange all the flavours ranging from cappuccino to fresh coffee beans additional to the toppings.
  2. If wine is your daily habit, then fit in a wine refrigerator at the side of your kitchen wall. Have a nice digital cooling system specifically for storage temperatures and humid weather.
  3. However, if you think that cooking is your one of your hobby then have a dual fuel range with an inbuilt griddle system and a stylish and sleek burner.

The DIY list is endless. You can also focus on the colours of walls, tiles and cabinets including cabinet structures and cabinet designs based on your available space, décor and current trends.

Just have a splash of colours based on your preferences, and make its look more enticing. Cabinets are the best dresses of the kitchens. Enable chef style countertops and make it the heart of your home. Match the countertop surfaces with the walls.

Have effervescent lights to make your kitchen look more vibrant. Do have some contemporary style lights too for your cooking space to make it more efficient, beautiful and unique.

The efficient dining area, the pot rack, coffee holder mugs, soap dispenser, paper towel holder, spice jars and the wire racks to stack all the plates together equally play significant part in the designing of the kitchen. At the back, you can highlight it with a bold artwork too.