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Moen offers many shower options, including single-handle faucets, handheld showers and even Roman tubs. Some faucets also offer additional options and features that make the appliances stand out from the rest. Before you buy. consider which ones will make your showering experience a better one.

Types of Moen Showers and Tub Faucets:


Moentrol by Moen shower types and tub faucets offer a particular type of shower experience with the Moentrol valve system. This relates to the single-handle showers in their product line. The Moentrol valve operates by pushing or pulling the handle, instead of rotating it. This push to turn off the faucet, and pull to turn on, feature offers another choice in how the faucets operate.

If you prefer this to the rotating handle design, it is a good alternative for your shower. Standard Moen shower valves have this same feature, but Moentrol valves feature a pressure-balanced system that moderates the water flowing into the faucet, keeping temperature constant throughout your shower.


The other choice for single handle Moen shower faucets is the Posi-Temp faucet. This valve is rotating, and the user turns it to turn the shower on and off, and to set the water temperature. This valve is also pressure balancing, so it regulates your water pressure to maintain a consistent temperature. The non-pressure balancing valves have a different trim plate than the pressure-balanced valves. The latter has screw mounting holes at the 2 o’clock and 7 o’clock positions on the trim plate.

Moen Hand Showers

Another type of Moen shower is the hand shower. These showers are not mounted to an immobile pipe that extends from the wall. Instead, the hand shower connects by a hose to the faucet. Water is sent through the faucet and into the hose instead of through the shower pipe. This allows for advanced mobility. Several different styles of hand shower exist, including chrome and nickel modern or traditional styled designs. Many hand showers also have a tub spout in addition to the hand shower.

Moen Roman Tubs and Faucets

A roman tub is unique because the faucet spout and handles mount on the deck of the tub, instead of in the shower wall. This set up is only possible on tubs with a deck or rim large enough to accommodate the faucet. Moen’s line includes chrome, nickel and oil rubber roman tub faucets. Some also include advanced controls with digital technology. Many of their hand held showers are actually roman tub mounts designed to fit on the tub’s edge.