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Reconditioned Tools

Reconditioned tools are refurbished tools that have been used but brought back up to a standard of quality that makes them suitable for use by anyone. These used tools are often less expensive than new models but they offer similar performance and results. If you want better quality tools at a discount price, consider buying reconditioned tools. You’ll get more for your dollar. Here’s some tips.

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Why Buy Reconditioned Tools?

There are several reasons to buy reconditioned tools over new tools. The first and foremost is price. As refurbished models, the tools command a lower sell price. You can save a lot of money buying reconditioned tools and that’s a big bonus for contractors, or amateurs looking to improve their tool selection or find more powerful, higher quality tools at a lower price. For instance, you can expect to save anywhere from 50 to 80 percent on your purchases.

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Here’s a few reasons to buy reconditioned tools…

  1. Save money. Reconditioned tools often sell for 30 to 50 percent less than new
  2. Get more powerful, professional tools at a more affordable price
  3. Find the tools you need for every job

Are Reconditioned Tools as Effective?

Yes. Reconditioned tools are the same thing you would buy new. Each one is returned to factory condition and repaired if necessary. The tool you buy is better than a used tool because you can be certain it works right.

Where to Buy Reconditioned Tools…

Several companies specialize in reconditioned tools. They provide high quality items at a great discount and often you can find top of the line tools at a deeper discounts than anywhere else without sacrificing peace of mind. Try CPO Outlets. They offer top brand reconditioned tools like Bosch, Makita, Festool and Ryobi. It’s a better way to stretch your dollar and improve your tool selection. ¬†Shop several different outlets so you are certain you have the absolute best deal.

When you buy recon tools you’ll find you can get all the power you need because you aren’t paying a premium just for a new label and shiny box. It’s a good way to really get more bang for every dollar.