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Stains are usually very shabby, messy and damaging. With kids and pets running around the whole day you cannot expect the floor carpet to be spic and span all the time. More than anything else the first thing one must learn is to accept the fact that things cannot stay neat and clean for a long time without maintenance.

This article and guide will give you further information on how to fight different types of stains and what to use every time it happens to get rid of them.

General procedures and precautions involved in carpet stain removal

  • Before starting with the process know the material of the carpet. This is essential to prevent any kind of chemical reaction that could happen while using the carpet cleaners advertised in the commercials.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and decide if you can use the product on your carpet
  • If all is well, try a spot test. Apply the stain remover or the chemical on any of the hidden areas of the stained carpet. If that seems to work well, carry on with the other parts in the similar manner.
  • Above all, protect your hands with a pair of gloves to avoid any kind of skin allergies or irritation caused by the chemical.

Now if you do not want to take risks with these chemical stain removers we have other options for different stains.

1. Coffee/tea/beverage/sauce stains removal

You cannot avoid spills and mess that occurs during parties and gatherings. However you can certainly equip with the necessary materials to remove such satins well in advance to avoid hassles later. Firstly when the beverage spills on the carpet, cover the area with a blotting paper/layers of tissue or absorbent cloth. Wait until the spilled liquid is absorbed; try working out inwards to avoid it from spreading further. Once this is done, apply a mixture of vinegar, non- bleach agent and water on the stained area. If this does not help, try a commercial stain remover available in the market.

2. Blood stain/oil/grease removal

There are a few stains that require more than just simple efforts. Stains such as blood, grease and oil have to be treated and cleaned as soon as possible; else they might leave a permanent mark on your carpets. Cleaning such stains is different from that of what you do for the others. Instead of spraying the chemical on the area, you must soak the tainted part for easier and quicker process.

Alternatively spray a home-made solution of anti-grease detergent and cold water on the affected area and rub it with a cloth. One of the most popular blood stain remover available in the market is OxyClean which can be used if the home remedy fails.

Though these the easiest techniques one can follow at home to clean the stains off your carpet, the procedures for synthetic-fiber rugs and natural-fibre rugs differ. On the final note if at all you feel you do not have the suitable stain removal solution, do not waste too much of time. Call for professional assistance. Remember, the faster you clean the stains, the lesser are the chances of the rugs and carpets getting damaged.