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Your Moen tub spout is the fixture on the end of the tub pipe that extends out of your shower wall. This pipe delivers the water for your bath, but it is not very pretty. The spout is actually just a fitting that hides the ugly copper pipe and gives your bath a brand new, matching look that complements the faucet.

Moen tub spouts also feature a diverter that is like a stop valve and when engaged directs water up the shower pipe into the shower head. When this part is damaged, replacing the entire Moen tub spout is the only way to repair it.

How to replace a Moen tub spout – 4 step guide

For a quick and easy guide on replacing a tub spout check below!

Step 1

Remove the screw under the base of the tub spout at the back of the tub spout, near the shower wall with an Allen wrench.

Step 2

Pull back on the Moen tub spout to take it off the pipe. If the spout does not slide off the pipe, loosen the set screw more, or enough so the screw falls out. You won’t need the screw again if you are going to replace the spout, though it is a good idea to hang on to it if possible.

Step 3

Clean off the pipe with steel wool or a similar type of abrasive to remove sediments, rust and remaining rough edges from recent pipe cuts. These should have been removed prior to the Moen tub spout installation, but if not do it now.

Step 4

Slide the new Moen tub spout (matching part for your particular shower faucet) onto the pipe with the mouth facing up. Turn the spout back down so the mouth goes into the tub and tighten the set screw with your allen wrench again.

Final checks

The tub spout should not move at all once it is completely tight. If your Moen tub spout screws onto the pipe, turn the entire spout to remove it, retape the threads with water-tight plumbing tape (Teflon tape) and thread the new spout on.

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