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End tables complete a living room by providing a standing place to rest your drink beside the sofa. Each end table is built to a specific height to pair up nicely with the sofa. If you are selecting sofas and end tables for a new home remodel, be sure yours conform to these standard measurements.

Standard Height of End Tables

The standard height for an end table is 24 inches high. This height allows the end table to stand right next to the sofa and line up with the sofa arm. The end table is not taller than the sofa arm and never should be, that looks awkward because the table top is above the sofa arm. Sofas do not all have the same arm heights, but most normal sofa arm heights measure in between 32 and 34 inches. The seat height of the sofa measures 17 inches high.

End Table Use and Height

An end table does not simply add an accent to the living room anymore, it provides a place for magazines, your remote control and sometimes drinks and food. Since the end tables rest a few inches lower than the sofa arm, the end table is ideal for drinks, books and other items for easy access from the sofa. Picture frames and even jewelry boxes are ideal for the end table. One other item, the lamp is perfect for the end table. When placed on the end table, the typical lamp is ideally positioned for reading at the sofa.

End Table Height Versus Coffee Table Height

End tables are not the same height as most coffee tables which are actually lower. Average coffee tables stand 18 inches high, while extra low coffee tables stand 12 inches high. A coffee table is lower to provide access to magazines for those who are already in the seated position. The end table is higher so someone seated on the sofa can reach over the sofa arm and access whatever is on the end table with ease.

More on End Tables Size and Dimensions

End tables are one of the most moderately sized pieces of furniture in terms of height. If you compare an end table to other pieces of furniture like a table top, you will notice it is slightly lower. Kitchen tables, for instance, measure 28.5 to 30 inches high. Meanwhile, a bar top is much higher than an end table, measuring in a 42 inches high. Each is sized for performance reasons. Kitchen tables suit adults seated in regular chairs, and bars accommodate standing and seated individuals, however the end table is sized for the specialized use of someone seated on a sofa.