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Buy Used Tools

Used tools are a great way to update and improve your own tool inventory, and they can be the only way to get the right tools for that upcoming home improvement project without breaking the bank.

Today, we are lucky because we have the internet. That means we have access to more used tools! People can exchange old tools, and certain companies will refurbish and resell these previously used tools at a great discount. Sometimes up to 80 percent or more! Save big the next time you go tool shopping and get yourself some factory reconditioned used tools instead of buying new. Of course, you can always opt to spend the extra money on brand new equipment, but after you see the quality of today’s used tools for sale, you’ll wonder you spent so much!

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If you haven’t visited one of the many used tools outlets try them out. You’ll see a huge inventory of every kind of used tool including top brand names like Bosch, Bostich, Makita and Ryobi. These top of the line tools sell for hundreds of dollars new, but when they are used you save enormous amounts of money. That means you can stock you tool shed with every kind of tool you’ll ever need, and never have to use something that isn’t right for the job. Thus, saving time and frustration.

Sometimes you’ll find used tools for less than you would rent them for. For example, used miter saws, jig saws, sanders and other items might rent for up to $50 or more for a weekend at one of the bigger box stores. Rent one just twice, you might as well buy it. A good reconditioned used tool outlet will sell miter saws and other items for around $100.

If you are dying to complete a new project but need a hammer drill for instance, you can find a high quality one at a bargain price when you shop used tools.

Eyeing a new tool but afraid to pull the trigger? Opt to buy factory refurbished used tools and see how much more power and performance you get for the same amount of money. It’s a great way to buy your tools without spending so much money.

If you do buy your tools used, be sure to get them from a certified refurbished tool dealer. This way you avoid the headaches and hassles of buying from the classifieds, or someone who might not have treated their tools right. It is a little safer than buying second hand because the tools have been rebuilt and repaired to proper working order by trained technicians. You won’t get home and find the cord is torn, or the adjustments bent and unusable.

Really good quality used tools will often deliver lasting performance, much like a new tool would except at a real discount. Sometimes these refurbished models are just like new, but they just need a different home.

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