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Simple DIY Roofing Tricks for Your Home

Thatched cottage roof

Though we may utilize the roof for a very short span of time, but undoubtedly, its usage is significant. It protects us from all seasonal commotions especially during winters and rains. However never meddle with it when it rains or during snowfall. That is not the right time to fix any of your issues. Wait […]

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Install Fiberglass Shower Panels on a Wall

Shower Panels

Fiberglass shower wall panels are used in conjunction with a shower pan to create a standing shower. The fiberglass shower panels are waterproof and therefore protect the drywall and wall frame from the rot, which occurs due to excess water exposure. These shower panels install with little difficulty and if you have carpentry skills, you […]

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How to Drill Faucet Holes in Kitchen Counter Tops

Kitchen sink repair

To install a faucet in your kitchen counter top, you need to drill faucet holes for the plumbing outlets. These holes are also called tap holes because they allow the supply lines to connect to the tap. Each double handle faucet has either two or three faucet shafts, each requiring a hole in the counter […]

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How to Build Wall Shelves

Wall shelf

It’s not difficult to learn how to build wall shelves even if you have no experience building shelving at all. Wall shelves consist of two simple parts, the support bracket, which is usually a 90-degree angle brace, and the shelving board, which is just a simple wood or laminate. You also need to know how […]

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Fix a Leaking Moen Tub Faucet by Replacing the Cartridge

Bath tub faucet

Fixing any leaking Moen tub faucet requires replacing the cartridge since this is the faucet’s main valve. Moen tub faucets also have a sleeve–a piece of trim that is part of the stop tube kit, designed to protect and hide the cartridge from view. To take out the cartridge first remove the sleeve.  This requires […]

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How to Fix a Leak in a Price Pfister Bathtub Faucet

Pfister Treviso Faucet

A leaking Price Pfister bathtub faucet can cause several problems like additional mold growth in your tub near the drain, not to mention the consistent dripping sound in the bathroom. However, it is a fairly simple problem to fix, if you know how to take apart the Price Pfister bath faucets and get to the […]

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How to Patch a Hole in Drywall

Drywall patching

Have a hole in your drywall? No worries, patching a hole in drywall is fairly simple, as long as you follow a few easy steps. Not all holes in drywall are the same, larger holes require a slightly different process than smaller holes. Here’s a 7-step process on how you can easily and quickly patch […]

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Unclogging a Sink Drain

Sink drain P-trap

Unclogging a sink drain is one of the most important and common skills to learn because clogged sink drains cause many problems including water damage and even sink damage. A clogged sink holds lots of water and this weight will bare down on the hardware mounting the sink. So, don’t hesitate with a clogged up […]

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How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet installs in a sink.

Installing a kitchen faucet is a simple project anyone with basic handyman skills can easily master and succeed at. It does not require a professional, and only takes about an hour to complete. A few steps will make your faucet installation more successful, so watch out for common pitfalls.

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