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Though we may utilize the roof for a very short span of time, but undoubtedly, its usage is significant. It protects us from all seasonal commotions especially during winters and rains. However never meddle with it when it rains or during snowfall. That is not the right time to fix any of your issues. Wait for the Mother Nature to bless you with green light and fix any of your roof issues in good weather conditions.

Here are some of the DIY tips which not only save your money but also enable incredible usage of your roofing space.

Shield against Moss growth or algae

Before initiating moss or algae eradication, do get a complete examination conducted from ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association). Mix 50:50 liquid laundry bleach and water and spread it all over with thorough low pressure sprayer and allow it to be there for 20 minutes. Avoid touching bleach with bare hands and take necessary personal precautions to rinse the roof. Mosses require more than one bleaching treatment to get completely eradicated. Pressure washes should be avoided as they leads to premature falling of the granules.

Leakages on Porches

Never dare to fix the leakages temporarily. Wear rubber sole shoes as a safety measure. Spray the solutions with a garden hose in varied areas of roof and look for the valleys. Never do a quick fix in winters as it may lead to freezing while running off the water. Seal all the joints by lying over the top and under the roof. Make it at least 6” so that water running on the roof doesn’t get under the edge.

Maintenance of gutters

Gutters collect the down spouted water from the roof when it rains. This upheaval task requires sturdy ladder, garbage bag, garden trowel and a free afternoon. Employ trowel to collect the wet and heavy soaked in debris and collect it in small bags and throw it downwards to avoid making frequent ups and downs. Collect the garbage bags at last when cleaning is over. Gutters contribute to the life span of the roof and should be cleaned whenever found dirty.

Solar Roof’s Shingles

Solar Shingles are very enticing compared to monstrous installation of the roofs. They can be conveniently bolted on the panels. For an experienced solar roofer, it’s a DIY task but it’s a good idea to have assistance from the electrician for the wiring of your home grid. Solar grid’s Shingles can be conveniently connected to home grid and generate revenue to counterbalance the excess power by sending the additional power to the electric company.

Solar attic fan

It’s good to circulate air in the attic. It reduces ambient surrounding temperature in summers and lowers moisture during winters. This DIY job requires installation of roof brackets by means of nails by the employment of domestic dowel compass on the roof.

Lush gardens on the roof

The architecture of your house contributes great factor for gardening. The most important part is that the roofs should be flat and accessible. Use organic soil for a better growth of the fruits, flowers, grasses or the frilly vines that could spill down from the sides of your house. Do consult a structural engineer before purchasing any material for its preparations.

Just follow these DIY roofing tricks and guidelines and enjoy all the comforts in your dream home.