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Fantastic DIY Outdoor Landscape Tips For Your Home

Garden pots

Just as the interior of our home is important, similarly the exterior of the home can play an important role in our life. This is the place where you sit to grab fresh air, have barbecue with your friends and family or play with your children. You can sit and perform many vital activities here […]

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Heating a Home With an Outdoor Wood Stove

Fire burning

An outdoor wood stove is one way to heat a home. This solution is often used in rural areas where firewood, the fuel source, is readily available. Making an outdoor wood stove is an extensive DIY project, but if you are familiar with heating systems, distributors and wood stove projects, it might be for you. […]

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How to Build a DIY Boat Rack


Boat racks are used to store boats during the off-season months when they are not in use. Since they are large, boat racks are very expensive. If you are handy enough, you can build a DIY boat rack and save lots of money. You can also make a boat rack just the right size for […]

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How to Dig a Fence Post Hole


If you want to build a fence in your backyard, you have to first dig a fence post hole for each post you plan to install. Usually, fence panels are between 6 and ten feet wide, and you have to dig a fence post hole to accommodate the width of the panel. But there’s a […]

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Build a DIY Backyard Fence

Backyard Fence

A DIY backyard fence project, however if you plan for it properly, it’s not that hard to finish. You’ll end up with a pretty backyard fence you built yourself. A good fence gives your family privacy and keeps pesky animals out of your yard. So, not only will it improve your lifestyle, it will decrease […]

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Building a Concrete Water Drinking Fountain DIY

Drinking fountain faucet

A concrete drinking fountain is an excellent addition to a yard with a pool or a play area, or to a ball field. It gives everyone an easy way to get a drink, and it resists damage by storms, kids and lawn equipment. The concrete protects the piping and your fountain nozzle and sink. It […]

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Cleaning a Stained Deck and Removing Deck Stains

Child sitting on a wooden porch

A stained deck is similar to any other treated surface in terms of how you clean off mud stains and other dirt stains. When mud cakes onto a deck, it is often impossible to get off without the use of high powered equipment. If you have mud stains on your deck, arm yourself with the […]

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