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DIY Bathroom Storage Tips For Small Homes

Bathroom towels

With increasing population, people are bound to live in confined spaces. They have to undergo many adjustments including compromising with the storage places. Here is one of the ways where you can compile all your important amenities in an organized way managing with your small bathroom needs without being bothered for the space. Bathroom solutions […]

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Magnificent DIY Kitchen Designing Tips

Cozy kitchen

Working in a shattered kitchen is very difficult and anyone can lose interest very easily. Ladies spends one third of their life time there to serve their family. Hence it’s very important that they stay happy and don’t lose charisma while cooking gourmet foodie items. This is high time when they require DIY tips and […]

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How to Build Wall Shelves

Wall shelf

It’s not difficult to learn how to build wall shelves even if you have no experience building shelving at all. Wall shelves consist of two simple parts, the support bracket, which is usually a 90-degree angle brace, and the shelving board, which is just a simple wood or laminate. You also need to know how […]

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How to Build Shelves in a Closet

Spices on shelves

When you build shelves in a closet you expand its storage capacity. Adding wood or laminate melamine shelves to a closet or linen cabinet increases room for towels, odds and ends and other things. This project is not difficult if you have the right tools and parts. You’ll need four long metal shelf slot brackets, […]

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Types of Bifold Door Hinges

Door hinge

There are several different types of bifold door hinges available today. Each has slight advantages and benefits, but no hinge really stands out as better than the rest. The only real reason to buy a certain type of bifold door hinge is to make a match to the existing hinges during a repair. This guide […]

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How to Install Double Closet Rods

Clothes in Closet

Double closet rods offer versatility and save on space. These two closet rods hang one above the other, and that allows more clothes to hang in a smaller space. This type of setup is ideal for new and remodeled closets. The project takes several hours and requires the use of some advanced tools; but if […]

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Building Adjustable Shelves and Shelving

Working with wood

Laminate shelves area great addition to any home because they add some extra space and storage. However, if your shelves are not adjustable, you lose some potential storage space. The ability to move one shelf up or down gives you the option of storing larger items, or to custom set your shelf height to your […]

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