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Common Sizes for Dual or Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Double basin kitchen sink

Double bowl kitchen sinks provide two basins instead of one. This configuration essentially divides the sink into two halves, one for dishes and washing, the other for cooking and rinsing. The advantages include additional room for multi-tasking and the ability to organize dishes for cleaning and rinsing in two separate basins. These double bowl sinks […]

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Toilet Flange Sizes – Which Toilet Flange Size Do I Need?

Bathroom and toilet

Toilet flanges install on your bathroom floor, right beneath the toilet. The flange has a flat edge with a bolt insert that mounts the toilet in place and keeps it from rocking back and forth. The toilet flange usually has two diameters, one for the toilet opening and the other for the drain pipe it […]

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Standard Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Measurements

Kitchen counter top

Kitchen counters are standardized today to make installing appliances like your stove or dishwasher easier. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to install a stove top if it wasn’t the same height as your counter top? If you want to build your own kitchen counter or cabinets, use these standards as a hard […]

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