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If your porcelain sink is scratched, you have some options to repair it yourself. Various refinishing kits or repair kits can fix scratches or hide imperfections, making your sink look better.

Tub and Sink Refinishing Kits

These kits include a paint product that dries to a porcelain like finish, covering up scratches and shallow gouges in a consistent new surface you apply to the entire sink.

One such product is Renew Tile and Tub Refinishing Kit. It features a spray on paint that dries to a surface similar to porcelain. It is glossy and has a nice sheen. The good thing about this kit is you can cover up the whole sink, so you do not have to worry about color matching.

Porcelain Tub and Sink Repair Kits

Bathtub Repair Kits are available at nearly every hardware store and some of those big-box stores. These kits include an epoxy, resin or similar type of compound which you mix with hardener and apply over the scratch on your porcelain sink. You’ll also find kits with porcelain fillers and finishers which you apply and sand.

Repairing the scratch with one of these kits is fairly simple but does require a bit of skill. Many kits include a color match system but you’ll find the match is not perfect every time especially if you have to mix the colors yourself. ┬áThis kit will not cover up big patches of scratches, it is more for smaller chips, and scratches.

Make sure to get a kit that resists UV light, otherwise it will fade to an ugly yellow color, like many gel coat repair kits.

Refinishing Porcelain is another option but it is very expensive when done professionally. On the other hand, it is the best possible way to restore and revitalize an old sink. This treatment is only ideal for expensive sinks and non-replaceable items.

Plumbing Repair Kits/Acrylic Repair Kits

Plumbing repair kits feature an acrylic compound that is self-hardening.

Hardware stores also sell kits to refinish or repair plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks and tubs. The kits feature a roller applicator and an acrylic substance that hardens on its own after application. Ideal for larger gouges, chips and deep scratches, these kits are slightly more expensive than refinishing kits, but under $35.

If you have deeper scratches and cracks, one of these kits is also ideal. Another option is the a porcelain chip filler.