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If your ceiling has holes in it, there are a few different ways to patch them. Since most ceilings are made of drywall, patching the hole is as simple as repairing the drywall.

A few of our expert tricks will help you repair or patch any hole in the ceiling, so be sure to read our guide below to find out how to fix any ceiling holes easily.

Patching Small Holes in the Ceiling

Patch a small hole in the ceiling with several strips of drywall tape. Just cut a bunch of strips long enough to cover the hole and have a few inches of left over tape on each side, and apply them over the ceiling hole until it is covered up completely.

Then patch over the fiberglass with drywall joint patch compound. Use the quick drying variety because it will set up fast and dry without sagging. Remember, you have to patch over your head onto the ceiling, so fast setting compound is best.

Patching Larger Holes

Ceiling holesTo patch a large hole in the ceiling, use two or three pieces of drywall. You want to cover the hole with a drywall patch, by first cutting a piece of drywall that fits inside of the hole using a small rotary tool, a drywall saw, or a jig saw.

You can also use a razor if you don’t have a power tool. If the hole is oddly shaped, cut around the hole itself, removing the jagged edges and making it into a large square. It is easier to cut a patch that fits this way.

To secure the patch to the ceiling, use a backer piece of drywall in the ceiling hole. Just cut a smaller piece of drywall and screw it to the top of the ceiling so it extends into the center of the hole.

Then you can mount the drywall patch to this backer piece, cover the seams with drywall patching compound and completely repair the hole in your ceiling. Make sure you apply fiberglass tape to the edges of the patch first, however.