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Replace a faucet aerator to reduce water flow rates from your kitchen faucet, or to improve water flow if your aerator is clogged with sediment.

This project is very simple and only takes about ten minutes for the average handyman. It requires a new aerator, a pair of slip joint pliers or vice grips, and some masking tape.

As a side tip, we recommend using tape on the end of your pliers to avoid scratching the finish on your faucet. Below is a quick-step process on how to replace a faucet aerator!

Step 1: Remove the old aerator

Unscrew the existing aerator from the faucet spout by turning it counter clockwise with pliers. Remove the old aerator.

Step 2: Choose aerator size

Size up your aerator and purchase a new one at a hardware or home improvement store. Learn about aerator sizes.

Step 3: Install new aerator

3. Install the new aerator. Thread the new faucet aerator onto the end of the spout threads. Most kitchen faucets use a 15/16 or 55/64 inch male or female faucet aerator. If you have a smaller bathroom faucet, a 13/16 inch aerator will usually do the trick.

Use taped slip joint pliers to install a faucet aerator.

Step 4: Tighten your aerator

Turn the aerator clockwise with the pliers to tighten.

Most aerators come assembled already with the strainer inside the nozzle and the rubber compression washer on top. If the aerator does not come assembled, insert the plastic strainer into the round metal nozzle, and place the black rubber washer on top. Then install the aerator on the faucet.

The big home improvement stores have most faucet aerator sizes in stock in 1.5 and 2.0 gallon per minute flow rates.