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Vessel sinks and counter tops are separate parts that install individually. The vessel sink is mounted on the counter top. So, when you install a vessel sink on a counter top, together they create an entire sink unit.

If you want to determine what the final height of your sink is going to be so you can plan the rest of your bathroom remodeling project, you need to know how tall each part is by itself first.

Counter Top Heights and Vessel Sink Height

While counter tops are at a standard height of 32 inches, vessel sinks range in height from 5 to 6 inches.

The final height from the floor to the top of the sink rim after installation, is the total height of the vessel sink and the counter top, since the former is mounted onto the latter. Most vessel sinks measure between 5 and 6 inches tall. To determine the sink’s height from the floor after installation, simply add this height to the height of the counter top to determine at what height the sink will be.

For instance, if your counter top is 32 inches high, and you choose a sink that is 5.5 inches tall, the sink rests at a height of 37.5 inches from the floor. The dimensions of the vessel sink will therefore affect the total, overall height after installation. How much it affects the height depends on the type of installation you choose, however.

Of the two ways to install a vessel sink, the above the counter installation lets the sink bowl rest on the counter. One hole about 1 1/4 inches wide is drilled into the countertop to allow the drain pipe to slide through the vanity. Once aligned properly with the drain hole, the sink is simply glued in place with adhesive.

In this installation, the total height of the sink is the height of the countertop prior to installation plus the total height of the sink bowl. Enough room for clearance on your wall is necessary to install a vessel sink this way.

Slightly different from above the counter installations, a recessed installation lets a vessel sink sit lower in the vanity. The sink bowl is set inside the vanity top, resting inside of a larger hole cut to hold the sink bowl. The sink is glued in place, and the drain pipe connected beneath the sink basin in the vanity.