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A DIY backyard fence project, however if you plan for it properly, it’s not that hard to finish. You’ll end up with a pretty backyard fence you built yourself. A good fence gives your family privacy and keeps pesky animals out of your yard. So, not only will it improve your lifestyle, it will decrease maintenance time on your lawn and backyard. A fence can also be used to designate property boundaries. Install a DIY backyard fence that meets your particular home’s style.

A simple, wood picket fence is fairly easy to install in the backyard. It is a weekend DIY project, if you use pre-built ready to install fence sections (readily available at home improvement stores). ¬†You will need some tools like a post digger, power screwdriver and shovel to finish this project. Buy them used if you don’t have them on hand.

Step 1

Choose an installation area for your backyard fence and outline it. Measure the length of each picket fence panel with a tape measure. Mark the lengths along the installation area with spray paint or use a string and wood stake. For example, if a section is six feet long make a mark every six feet. You will dig a fence post at each one of these points marker on the lawn itself.

Step 2

Dig 2-foot deep post holes for the fence installation using a solid, good post hole digger. ¬†Insert one of the backyard fence posts into each hole and fill in around the post with dirt and gravel to steady it. Each post must be at least two and a half feet longer than the sections of picket fence are tall. Filling the holes half way with dirt usually steadies the posts but it depends on their width and your dirt’s consistency.

Step 3

Align the post so it is straight and level using a carpenter’s level. Solidly pack the dirt with a tamper. Mix fence post mortar (regular cement works fine) with water (1 part water, two part mortar). Pour the fence mortar into the hole. Re-steady the post using the level again. Let the fence post mortar dry for up to 24 hours.

Check the fence posts with a level during the drying period. Tie and stake the post on the opposite side if posts become unlevel.

Step 5

Mount the fence sections directly to the fence posts using a fence bracket and 2-inch wood screw, Use a power driver to drive the screws into the post. Repeat this step for each section of fence.

Tools you need:

List of Tools You’ll Need to build a backyard fence…

  • Tape measure
  • Post digger
  • Wood fence posts
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Cement
  • Wheel barrow
  • Water
  • Picket fence sections
  • Fence brackets
  • Wood screws, 2 inch
  • Power driver

A Few Good Tips:

Use any type of fencing between your posts. Wire, panel fences or coated woven wire can be used for backyard fencing.