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Installing or replacing a screw-on tub spout is not difficult at all. The spout just screws onto the end of a threaded pipe, so removing it requires a simple turn or two of the tub spout.

If you want to install a threaded tub spout onto a pipe that is not threaded, you’ll have to add a section of threaded pipe. That is more involved and requires soldering expertise. This fix is for installing a screw-on tub spout with a threaded tub pipe.

  1. Turn the water off to prevent spills.
  2. Turn the spout counterclockwise to unscrew it from the tub pipe that juts out of your shower wall. The spout fits over this pipe and screws onto the threaded end. Slide the point of a screwdriver into the spout mouth and brace it against the spout walls, then turn for leverage if the spout does not turn at first. You can also use large pliers to turn the spout.
  3. Clean off the pipe with an abrasive like sand paper or a wire brush.
  4. Remove all plumber’s tape on the pipe threads. Replace with new tape. Use two or three wraps around all of the threads.
  5. Place the new screw-on tub spout onto the tub pipe and turn clockwise to lock the threads. Screw it into place until the spout is tight up against the wall.
  6. Seal around the outside edge of the spout with bathtub caulking (silicone caulk) to form a sure, watertight seal and let the tub spout dry for 24 hours before using.