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New Faucet Installation Tips

Kohler Vinnata Kitchen Faucet

Installing a new faucet is slightly different than replacing an old faucet. First of all you need to plumb the faucet and flush your lines. Take these tips to heart when installing a new kitchen or bathroom faucet for the first time in a new home.

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How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet installs in a sink.

Installing a kitchen faucet is a simple project anyone with basic handyman skills can easily master and succeed at. It does not require a professional, and only takes about an hour to complete. A few steps will make your faucet installation more successful, so watch out for common pitfalls.

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What is a Faucet Aerator

Faucet aerator parts

You probably heard the term aerator used in conjunction with your faucet but do you know what this little part is? A faucet aerator is a very simple nozzle that fits on the end of your faucet and it has two main functions. Find out what they are…

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How to Install Adhesive Fiberglass Shower Walls

Bathtub and Shower

A few manufacturers make fiberglass or acrylic sheet shower stalls that come in several pieces including the base and three separate, fiberglass shower walls that install over your drywall to form a protective barrier against rot, water damage and mold. These sheet walls and shower base are easy to install and perfect for a small […]

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How to Change a Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet Cartridge

Glacier Bay faucet fix

Glacier Bay bathroom faucets are stocked by one of the country’s biggest home improvement stores. Designed to be an economical faucet, they perform surprising well under normal conditions. Glacier Bay faucets leak occasionally, however. When they do, perform this simple cartridge change to fix the problem. We described all the steps below that will show […]

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What is a P-trap

Sink drain P-trap

One of the more mysterious pipe fittings to newcomers in the world of home plumbing is the p-trap. This fitting has a very specific function and though it is often the source of many common plumbing problems, you would not want to live without it. 

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Replacing a Bathroom Sink P-trap

Chrome P-Trap

Replacing a bathroom sink p-trap is a fairly simple process involving just a few very basic skills and some tools you probably already own. If your sink clogs often, or smells funny, replacing the p-trap may just solve the problem. It is an inexpensive way to fix a frequently clogging or smelly sink drain.

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Choosing a Faucet Aerator

Faucet aerator

Your faucet aerator might seem like an insignificant part, but choosing the right aerator saves money and makes life easier. Aerators create an aerated stream of water that is softer and easier to work with than non-aerated water. Today’s aerators reduce water flow rates to as low as 1 gallon per minute. However, choosing the wrong […]

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Faucet Aerator Sizes

Male and Female aerators

Faucet aerators reduce your water flow to help you save water. If you are replacing an old aerator or installing a new one, you need to find the right sized aerator for your faucet. Different faucets have different sized spouts, so each requires a different sized aerator. Click here if you want to learn how […]

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