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Install or Mount Foam Sheets

Foam Insulation

Foam sheets add another layer of insulation to your home and today are among the top choices for home building professionals due to their efficiency. They are also easy to install and mount. The rigid foam sheets contain two layers of paper backing and an inner core of foam. This composition blocks cold air drafts […]

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How to Remove a Flag Pole in Your Backyard

American Flag

A backyard flag pole is installed in a sleeve which is buried in the ground and secured with concrete. It is then sealed and the area surrounding it is filled in with sand and dirt. The design is meant to keep the flag pole erect even in high winds. Removing the pole often requires a […]

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How to Build a DIY Boat Rack


Boat racks are used to store boats during the off-season months when they are not in use. Since they are large, boat racks are very expensive. If you are handy enough, you can build a DIY boat rack and save lots of money. You can also make a boat rack just the right size for […]

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Install Fiberglass Shower Panels on a Wall

Shower Panels

Fiberglass shower wall panels are used in conjunction with a shower pan to create a standing shower. The fiberglass shower panels are waterproof and therefore protect the drywall and wall frame from the rot, which occurs due to excess water exposure. These shower panels install with little difficulty and if you have carpentry skills, you […]

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How to Build a Wall Frame With Screws

Nail in Wood

Wall framing is typically completed with nails as opposed to screws. The reason is most contractors use a high powered air gun to drive nails into the frame boards and secure the wall frames together. This is faster and more convenient. It involves fewer steps as well. Screws are one option for wall framing, and […]

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How to Dig a Fence Post Hole


If you want to build a fence in your backyard, you have to first dig a fence post hole for each post you plan to install. Usually, fence panels are between 6 and ten feet wide, and you have to dig a fence post hole to accommodate the width of the panel. But there’s a […]

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Post and Beam Home Building and Construction

Post and beam home building

Post and beam home building and construction is a rustic type of home building where only posts and timbers are used to construct the frame of the home. It is vastly different from the typical framed wall style of building used today on most new residences. This style of home building offers the advantages of […]

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Build a DIY Backyard Fence

Backyard Fence

A DIY backyard fence project, however if you plan for it properly, it’s not that hard to finish. You’ll end up with a pretty backyard fence you built yourself. A good fence gives your family privacy and keeps pesky animals out of your yard. So, not only will it improve your lifestyle, it will decrease […]

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Install a New Shower in Drywall

Bathtub and Shower

If you want to install a new shower in new drywall, you do so without advanced plumbing skills. If you have already installed drywall over the shower area, you need to remove it first. If you have not installed drywall, install the shower valve first, then complete the project. Here’s how to install a new […]

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Build a Wood Box Beam

Wood ceiling

If you want a classic look in your home, of just need to hide an exposed beam, or steel ceiling beam, build a wood box beam. A wood box beam covers up cross beams and other ceiling supports. You can add any surface style to it as well, depending on what type of look you […]

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