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How to Fix Clogged Grohe Shower Head

Grohe Shower Head

A clogged Grohe shower head requires a certain type of cleaning in order to restore the water flow to proper levels. Fortunately, this cleaning is very simple and requires few special tools. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the head using a few simple steps. However, if your faucet continues to clog, you can take additional steps […]

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Installing Screw-on Tub Spouts

Shower faucet

Installing or replacing a screw-on tub spout is not difficult at all. The spout just screws onto the end of a threaded pipe, so removing it requires a simple turn or two of the tub spout. If you want to install a threaded tub spout onto a pipe that is not threaded, you’ll have to […]

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How to Build Wall Shelves

Wall shelf

It’s not difficult to learn how to build wall shelves even if you have no experience building shelving at all. Wall shelves consist of two simple parts, the support bracket, which is usually a 90-degree angle brace, and the shelving board, which is just a simple wood or laminate. You also need to know how […]

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How to Make a Wood Bar Top Cheap

Drink on bar

Building a bar adds a lot to your home, but it does not have to drain your bank account. Sure, a big bar is great and impressive, but a small bar that is easy to build and costs under $50 is a do it yourselfer’s dream on a budget. This cheap wood bar top only […]

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How to Fix a Loud, Screeching or Squealing Faucet

Bathroom faucet

A faucet is loud for a reason. Faucets squeal and screech not because they like to aggravate their owners. Think of that squealing and screeching faucet like a child crying out for help, because something is wrong–in this case it’s a loose part that needs replacing. When faucets make noises, it is time to tighten […]

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Fix a Leaking Moen Tub Faucet by Replacing the Cartridge

Bath tub faucet

Fixing any leaking Moen tub faucet requires replacing the cartridge since this is the faucet’s main valve. Moen tub faucets also have a sleeve–a piece of trim that is part of the stop tube kit, designed to protect and hide the cartridge from view. To take out the cartridge first remove the sleeve. ┬áThis requires […]

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How to Patch a Hole in Drywall

Drywall patching

Have a hole in your drywall? No worries, patching a hole in drywall is fairly simple, as long as you follow a few easy steps. Not all holes in drywall are the same, larger holes require a slightly different process than smaller holes. Here’s a 7-step process on how you can easily and quickly patch […]

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How to Install Adhesive Fiberglass Shower Walls

Bathtub and Shower

A few manufacturers make fiberglass or acrylic sheet shower stalls that come in several pieces including the base and three separate, fiberglass shower walls that install over your drywall to form a protective barrier against rot, water damage and mold. These sheet walls and shower base are easy to install and perfect for a small […]

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How to Change a Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet Cartridge

Glacier Bay faucet fix

Glacier Bay bathroom faucets are stocked by one of the country’s biggest home improvement stores. Designed to be an economical faucet, they perform surprising well under normal conditions. Glacier Bay faucets leak occasionally, however. When they do, perform this simple cartridge change to fix the problem. We described all the steps below that will show […]

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Replacing a Bathroom Sink P-trap

Chrome P-Trap

Replacing a bathroom sink p-trap is a fairly simple process involving just a few very basic skills and some tools you probably already own. If your sink clogs often, or smells funny, replacing the p-trap may just solve the problem. It is an inexpensive way to fix a frequently clogging or smelly sink drain.

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