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How to Mount or Install Fiberglass Molding

Wall Molding

Fiberglass molding is the same as wood molding except for the fact that it is manufactured using a mold, instead of cut and shaped like regular wood. This molding has similar properties to wood but it is lighter, durable and moisture resistant. The molding installs with adhesive or finishing nails just like wooden molding. The […]

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Heating a Home With an Outdoor Wood Stove

Fire burning

An outdoor wood stove is one way to heat a home. This solution is often used in rural areas where firewood, the fuel source, is readily available. Making an outdoor wood stove is an extensive DIY project, but if you are familiar with heating systems, distributors and wood stove projects, it might be for you. […]

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How to Build a Wall Frame With Screws

Nail in Wood

Wall framing is typically completed with nails as opposed to screws. The reason is most contractors use a high powered air gun to drive nails into the frame boards and secure the wall frames together. This is faster and more convenient. It involves fewer steps as well. Screws are one option for wall framing, and […]

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Post and Beam Home Building and Construction

Post and beam home building

Post and beam home building and construction is a rustic type of home building where only posts and timbers are used to construct the frame of the home. It is vastly different from the typical framed wall style of building used today on most new residences. This style of home building offers the advantages of […]

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Build a Wood Box Beam

Wood ceiling

If you want a classic look in your home, of just need to hide an exposed beam, or steel ceiling beam, build a wood box beam. A wood box beam covers up cross beams and other ceiling supports. You can add any surface style to it as well, depending on what type of look you […]

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Building a Concrete Water Drinking Fountain DIY

Drinking fountain faucet

A concrete drinking fountain is an excellent addition to a yard with a pool or a play area, or to a ball field. It gives everyone an easy way to get a drink, and it resists damage by storms, kids and lawn equipment. The concrete protects the piping and your fountain nozzle and sink. It […]

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Cleaning a Stained Deck and Removing Deck Stains

Child sitting on a wooden porch

A stained deck is similar to any other treated surface in terms of how you clean off mud stains and other dirt stains. When mud cakes onto a deck, it is often impossible to get off without the use of high powered equipment. If you have mud stains on your deck, arm yourself with the […]

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Troubleshooting Kohler Kitchen Faucets

Kohler Vinnata Kitchen Faucet

Kohler kitchen faucets run into some common problems and often need basic troubleshooting. The most common troubleshooting and repair issues that arise in Kohler faucets revolve around the cartridge and the sprayer head. Each one is susceptible to leaks and both problems are fairly easy to repair. Following the general troubleshooting steps laid out by […]

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How to Fix the Kohler Shower Valve

Kohler Shower Head

A Kohler shower valve helps regulate and alter the temperature of your water, by mixing hot and cold water together, as the handle turns one way or the other. Kohler shower valves are not the same as other major faucet brands, they include a few different parts and a different process for removal. But if […]

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How to Drill Faucet Holes in Stone Counter Tops

Kohler Vinnata Kitchen Faucet

Stone counter tops are very hard and difficult to cut without the right tools. In order to drill faucet holes into a stone counter top like granite, or even cultured marble, you need a power drill and a diamond tipped drill bit that looks like a coring bit or hole saw. But don’t be fooled, […]

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