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How to Build Wall Shelves

Wall shelf

It’s not difficult to learn how to build wall shelves even if you have no experience building shelving at all. Wall shelves consist of two simple parts, the support bracket, which is usually a 90-degree angle brace, and the shelving board, which is just a simple wood or laminate. You also need to know how […]

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How to Make a Wood Bar Top Cheap

Drink on bar

Building a bar adds a lot to your home, but it does not have to drain your bank account. Sure, a big bar is great and impressive, but a small bar that is easy to build and costs under $50 is a do it yourselfer’s dream on a budget. This cheap wood bar top only […]

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How to Glass Tile Shower Walls

Glass tile shower wall

For a unique look, many homeowners are adding small glass tile to shower walls. This glass tile is clear and comes in many colors, and often it is mixed with tiny mosaic ceramic tiles for a colorful combination. If you want to glass tile a shower, there are a few things to know ahead of […]

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Taping and Finishing Hardie Board Shower Wall Installation

Hardie Backer Board

Once you install Hardie Backer Board on a wall, you have to finish it by filling the joints with mortar. This step seals hardi backer board and creates a solid, seamless surface on which you can now install tile. Check out how to finish a hardi backerboard installation for shower and tub walls right now. 

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How to Install Hardie Backer Board

Hardi Backer board installed

Installing Hardie Backer Board requires different tools and a different approach than installing regular or mold resistant drywall. If you want a real waterproof shower alcove or tub enclosure, use nothing but the best–hardie board and install it right with the proper tools.

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Hardie Backer Board Installation Tips

Cutting Hardie Backer board

Hardie backer board is used instead of drywall in showers and tub enclosures to prevent water damage, rot, and mold growth. It is a highly durable, water resistant material made of a mixture of cement-like material and silica. If you plan on installing HardiBacker Board, there’s a few things to know, because it is not […]

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Counter Top Heights and Dimensions


Counter tops have a standard size but the measurements relate only to the width and height, not the length. All counter tops have similar width and height measurements for appliance installation, namely your stove and dishwasher. Having a standard makes building a seamless kitchen much easier for installers. Counter Top Heights The standard height of […]

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Vessel Sink and Bathroom Counter Heights

Washing hands, Moen faucet

Vessel sinks and counter tops are separate parts that install individually. The vessel sink is mounted on the counter top. So, when you install a vessel sink on a counter top, together they create an entire sink unit. If you want to determine what the final height of your sink is going to be so […]

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What is the Height of an End Table?

Sofa and end table

End tables complete a living room by providing a standing place to rest your drink beside the sofa. Each end table is built to a specific height to pair up nicely with the sofa. If you are selecting sofas and end tables for a new home remodel, be sure yours conform to these standard measurements.

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How to Install a Vigo Vessel Sink

Vigo vessel sink

Vigo vessel sinks come in a range of styles including glass, bronze and ceramic models. However, each installs in basically the same way. The sink mounts on top of the countertop instead of inside it, for a different look. Mounting the sink requires just a few basic tools and supplies you are probably familiar with […]

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